Sunday, September 04, 2005

Invisible tool bar icons in SE

For Developers: Code Solution for Invisible tool bar icons in SE and ImageList initialization error in hx4700s.

Many of my fellow developers have been looking for a solution for the first and lately for the second issue. Both issues in some way are relative and are clearly a bug in Microsoft Compact Framework. Doing some research in the web looking for different ways to initialize an ImageList object during the form load time I found a way that fix the SE icons invisibility issue and the initialization error present in hx4700 when the BitMap Cache parameter of the ATI driver is enabled. So basically, there is not need to disable the bitmap cache to avoid the error in hx4700s if you use this method to initialize the ImageList component.

To easily understand the process I have prepared a C# and VB .NET projects that can be downloaded here.

Note: This problem was fixed in the latest ROM update for this device.


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