Wednesday, March 22, 2006

WM5 upgrade

Finally the hx4700 gets the WM5 upgrade... (link)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

More about MS Security Implementation

More about MS Security Implementation

I was asked a few weeks ago by one of Microsoft guys how this MS Security Implementation (I’m talking about locking part of the registry and denying applications access to some APIs) could affect developers, users and them too. Well, here and here you can find good examples that help to answer their question. Since the beginning developers have been fixing OEMs and MS mistakes a lot faster than patches that they release to fix this problems/mistakes. If MS/OEM locks devices how the heck we are supposed to do that? Paying the huge amounts of money for those ridiculous certifications? Listen, I have got the best certification than a developer can get: the trust and popularity among users! And for that, believe me, I never needed any MS logo or Signature.

Attachments in Storage Card

Attachments in Storage Card
The HP iPAQ Pocket PC series h2200, hx2000, and hx4700 do not recognize the naming conventions "Secure Digital" (SD) and "Compact Flash" (CF) as storage cards for saving Inbox items such as e-mail and e-mail attachments. Instead of saving these files to the storage cards, the Pocket PC saves them to the HP File Store. This issue occurs because of a Microsoft Inbox limitation that recognizes only "Storage Card" as the single file name for SD and CF cards. This issue is not attributable to the Pocket PC but to the Microsoft Windows Pocket PC Operating System.
A resolution in the form of a downloadable SoftPAQ (SP) has been released to resolve this issue for the English version of the hx4700 series. The SP will enable you to change SD and CF card folder names to "storage card" folder names. (Click the link below to download the SP.) When the other hx4700 language-specific versions are released, HP will update this advisory to announce their availability.
Link to HP
This advisory will be updated again and the download link provided when the SoftPAQs release for the h2200 and hx2000 series products.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Tweaks2K2 PC Edition: what is coming next?

Tweaks2K2 PC Edition: What’s coming next?

For the first time users will be able to change the top and bottom bar color in Windows Mobile 5 devices from a program! And for the first time from a PC without having to install anything in their PPCs!

Tweaks2K2 PC Edition